Can you sing, act, tell jokes, or do something this year at Kids Camp?” That’s how country singer Flint Thompson got started, at age 14. With no musical background and never sang a day in his life, he said, “Sure, I’ll get a song together and give it a shot, and believe it or not, the first song I ever sung was a rap song”, Flint recalls. The kids at camp loved it. Flint was a Jr. Counselor at that time. Well, all was quiet for the soon to be discovered singer until the next year camp rolled around. “I remember I had just started listening to country music at the time and they asked me could I do another song that year. I said I’d love to and thought I’d get a country song this year. I got hold of a song called “The Old Man is Dead” by artist, Del Way, who is a pastor out of Kerrville, TX. It brought the house down and all the adults came up afterwards and were telling me I had a real talent and I should pursue it. I thought they were just trying to be nice. These grownups started calling my house the next few weeks after, booking me to sing at fundraisers, churches, festivals and such. The first year, I sang at 100 different events. I was booked every weekend.”

With a start like that, you have to agree that this youngster was destined to be a star. February 20, 1997 was probably the turning point from being “just a little hometown singer” to the start of being a real entertainer. He recorded his first song, written by the same man-Del Way- who wrote the first song he sang at camp. The recorded song was titled “My Time With You”. “I remember hearing the song about a year before I cut it. I knew the song was a hit.” Flint, after recording the song’s vocals in a single wide mobile home, decided to see just what kind of talent he really had by taking it to a local country radio station KYKS 105.1 in his hometown of Lufkin. “I knew if I couldn’t get the program manager to listen to it right then, with me, that he would never listen to the song. I went inside and asked who the program manager was. They said, “you’ll have to speak to Danny Merrell”.

Luckily, he was in at the time, because I was nervous like crazy. He shook my hand, and I told him who I was and what I had done. I could tell he wasn’t impressed! But, reluctantly, he said he would give the song a listen with me (like he had only listened to people with horrible sounding songs trying to get on the radio all the time). We went back to the Production Room and he put the CD in and turned it on. I was about to pass out! He listened to the song once, and said, “Let me listen to it again.” He listened to it twice. Then, finally, he said, let me listen to it one more time”. By this time he was patting his feet and nodding his head. He listened to it the 3rd time and after it ended, he said, “I’ll tell you what I’ll do for you. If you’ll give me the exclusive rights to this song first, I’ll give you as much airplay as you want.” I thought he was joking”, Flint states. “I thought he’d play my song once, maybe twice and trash it! We did a live interview to debut the song one morning. People went mad. I didn’t have any copies of the song to sell, so the people had to listen to this one radio station to hear it.”

The station started getting request like crazy for this new found celebrity. From then on this new guy, Flint Thompson, started getting anywhere from 50-150 requests per day for this song, over the next 8 months. “People started hearing my name all the time on the radio because they had to play the song every 2 hours to keep the people calm because they liked the song so well. Then the doors started opening and we cut a full album a little later. It has done really well, also.” He also has a second CD entitled, “That Does It” he cut in 2012 which has done phenomenally well itself. Since the big hometown start, Flint has opened with such artists as Clay Walker, Leanne Rimes, Joe Diffie, Jeff Carson, Jack Ingram, Darryl Worley, Doug Stone, The Bellamy Brothers, Craig Morgan and many other top entertainers. Everywhere this artist goes, people are ‘in awe’ of his extraordinary talent and abilities. Whether it’s in front of thousands of people, or just him, his guitar and a few friends, you can tell Flint Thompson loves what he does! He can captivate you with one song, make you laugh with another, and touch your heart strings with the next. There’s no doubt this talented artist has a long and bright future ahead. He has one of the most unique voices and styles of country music you have ever heard. You definitely have to hold a ‘favorite spot’ open for this superstar. Don’t miss a chance to go see him live when he’s playing in your part of the country.



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