“That Does It”

Full Length Album (2012)

We released our second CD “That Does It” in 2012 and took extra special time sampling and choosing each song for this particular album. Keeping with good clean lyrics and choosing well written songs, no matter where you are in the journey of life, this album has a song just for you on it!! We hope you like it as much as we loved making the music.



1.) It’s Just A Country Thang’(3:04)
2.) Angel Just For Me (2:45)
3.) Bedtime Prayers (4:08)
4.) For The Sake Of Me (3:13)
5.) It’s Never Been Easier (2:37)
6.) I’m So Glad I Was Dreaming (3:18)
7.) Take Another Run (2:56)
8.) Bad Case Of Missing You (3:47)
9.) That Does It (2:58)
10.) You Beat All I’ve Never Seen (2:55)
11.) I Found You (3:50)
12.) All I Need (3:41)
13.) What’s Wrong With Hangin’ On (4:26)


Full Length Album (1997)

Since we released this self titled CD “Flint Thompson” several years back, we’ve had such an overwhelming response to the music we chose to put on it. Of course “My Time With You” was our huge hit on this album, but this CD really does have everything a country music lover could possible want on it. You’re bound to find several new favorites listening to it.



1.) Just Enough (3:04)
2.) The Ordinary (feat. Lari White) (2:45)
3.) I Never Will (feat. Shara Johnson) (4:08)
4.) In The Garden (3:13)
5.) He Who Made The Rain (2:37)
6.) Unplug The Jukebox (3:18)
7.) He Loved Us To Death (2:56)
8.) Crazy ‘Bout You (3:47)
9.) Ole Time Religion (2:58)
10.) Sure Feels Right (2:55)
11.) Hoedown (3:50)
12.) I Don’t Wanna Go Alone (3:41)


13.) Good Lovin’ (4:26)
14.) My Time With You (3:41)
15.) Old Fashioned America (4:26)


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Flint Thompson

Track Count: 15
Artist: Flint Thompson
Genre: Country
Released: June 15, 1997
℗ 1997 Catapult


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That Does It

Track Count: 13
Artist: Flint Thompson
Genre: Country
Released: July 1, 2012
℗ 2012 Catapult


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